Entrepreneurs Show - International Startup Events in Turkey, Iran and Pakistan

Entrepreneur's Show is for Idea Pitching Team Building Networking

Entrepreneur's Show or KarafarinShow (in local languages) being organized by CODE International is a pitching show of developing entrepreneurs innovative ideas who are looking into the Pakistan-Iran-Turkey axis market (ECO and GCC Countries) for their entrepreneurship activities. First Entrepreneur’s Show 2017 was organized on 7-8 December 2017 at Mashhad, Iran, which witnessed the 3000+ participants from 18 regional countries located at Pakistan-Iran-Turkey axis composed of ECO and GCC countries. After the event premises, Pakistan-Iran-Turkish entrepreneurship nexus was proposed by the Pakistani, Iranian and Turkish entrepreneurs to strengthen the techno-entrepreneurship relationship among the three nation to reach a common goal of sustainable economy.

Entrepreneurs Show

Pakistan 2018
  • Islamabad
  • Karachi
  • Lahore

Entrepreneurs Show

Iran 2018
  • Tehran
  • Mashhad
  • Isfahan

Entrepreneurs Show

Turkey 2019
  • Ankara
  • Istanbul
  • Konya

Entrepreneur's Show Coordinators

Dr. Muhammad Irfan-Maqsood

International Researcher & Entrepreneur

Education: PhD (Biotechnology), MSc (Biotech), MA (Pol. Sciences)

Founder and CEO @ ScienceTech+ Accelerator, Iran

Founder and Chairman @ CODE International Accelerator, Georgia

Founder and Director Planning @ Nastaran Center for Cancer Prevention, Iran (2014-2017)

Distinguished Award Winner as Researcher (2016) and Student (2013)

Winner of 4 Time, Iranaian National Sheikhbahai Techno-entrepreneurship Award (2014-2017)

Winner of 2 Time, Khawaja Nasiruldin Toosi Techno-entrepreneurship Award (2014-2017)

Winner of 2 Time, Iranaian National Students Techno-entrepreneurship Olympiad (2014-2015)

Holder of Iranaian National Young Entrepreneur Award 2018

Special Appreciation from Iranian Science Minister, Deputy Minister for Youth Affairs and Vice President of Iran (Science and Technologies)

2 Times Selected as a Part of Delegation of Iranian Young Entrepreneurs to North Europe by Science Ministery (2015-2016)

Dr. Monireh Bahrami, Ph.D. Scholar

Academic Entrepreneur and Razavi Laurate

Education: PhD Scholar (Molecular Biology)

CEO @ KnowCancer

National Fellow of Iranian Elites Foundation

Iranian National sheikh Bahai Entrepreneurship Award 2017

Razavi Laurate (Razavi Science Festival Award 2017)

Honorary Student Award at Ferdowsi University of Mashhad

Ms Noor Zahra Rizvi

Entrereneur and Expert of Social Marketing

BSc (Computer Graphics)

CEO @ NZDesigns, Pakistan

Winner of 8th and 10th International Harkat Festival, Iran (2015/2017)

Bronze Medal Holder of International Paintings Competition, UNICEF, Canada (2013)

Team member of International Companies i.e. PrimaLyfe, Niftyparts, AZRO Group etc

Ambassador of WhoisHussain, Islamabad Campaign 2015-2017 and Advisor WhoisHussain Pakistan (2017-Present)

Cover Designer of FGCW، F-7/2 (2009) Magazine

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